Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing

Aviation Tech Services offers aircraft cleaning and detailing to our customers, focusing on maintaining professional, showroom quality appearances to your aircraft. We offer a wide variety of services to fit your every need and strive to be the best at what we do.

Quick Turn Service

Quick turn service is a basic wipe down of the exterior areas such as:

  • Leading edges, windshields, engine inlets, and nose of the aircraft are cleaned free of bug strikes.
  • Sides and bottom of the engines along with the aft of the aircraft is wiped clean of oil and other fluids.
  • A light wipe down of the landing gear is performed as well as an interior vacuum.

Single Engine – Starting @ $60.00
Light Twin – Starting @ $90.00
Medium Twin – Starting @ $130.00
Small Jet – Starting @ $150.00

Super Quick Turn Service

Our super quick turn service is a complete wipe down of the exterior airframe, windshields, windows, landing gear as well as an interior wipe down and vacuum.

Single Engine – Starting @ $120.00
Light Twin – Starting @ $160.00
Medium Twin – Starting @ $220.00
Small Jet – Starting @ 250.00

Interior Detail Service

  • Cleaning and conditioning the leather seats
  • Cleaning and organizing the inside of drawers and cabinets
  • Polishing of all wood surfaces and tables
  • Cleaning the cabin windows, mirrors, and Plexiglas
  • Spot cleaning the headliner, decorative side panels
  • carpet shampooing

Single – Starting @ $75.00
Light Twin – Starting @ $125.00
Medium Twin – Starting @ $175.00
Small jet – Starting @ $200.00

Metal Polishing

This process will bring your metal surfaces on the exterior of your aircraft to a showroom mirror polish.

Spinners – Starting @ $50.00 Each
Intake/ Exhaust – $100.00 - $200.00 Each Engine
Leading Edges - $100.00 - $250.00 Each Wing
Vertical Stabilizers - $100.00 - $200.00 Each Wing

Landing Gear Cleaning

Gear wells must be cleaned at least biannually. This procedure is separate from standard exterior cleaning and is a complicated necessity. Debris and residue accumulate within the gear wells, creating a hazard. Thorough cleaning involves attention to detail and a great awareness of safety.
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Complete Detail

Dry Wash Complete Airframe, Polished, Rejexed, *De-Ice Boot Prep & Sealant, *Metal Polished, Degreasing of Landing Gear, Cleaning of Leather, Upholstery, Headliner, Carpets, Cabinets, Trays, Compartments, Seat Tracks, *Lavatory, Windows, Avionics & Detailing of Cockpit. (*As Applicable)

For Specific Aircraft pricing please download the PDF Price sheet below

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